Mexican wood toys

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Code: JGT05

Traditional mexican balero de copa toy, decorated with very traditional colors. For this game you will try to set the small ball inside the balero, the firts who does it wins.


Code: JGT01

Tranditional mexican balero toy made of pine tree. For this game you are supposed to insert the stick in the base, the one who does it first or in the less time wins.


Code: JGT04

When seeing a churumbela rotate, the colors fade. Learning to rotate it is an art. It is a good gift for anyone.


Code: JGT03

Mexican traditional spinning top toy is colorful and entertaining for anyone. Learning to use it is an art.


Code: JGT02

Yoyo decorated with several colors, when rolling they look like one solid color.The yoyo is a nice memory of Mexican childhood and a nice gift for entertainment.