Red Mexican Glazed Clay

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Code: BR057

Clay casserole with decorative edges.Perfect to make stews and beans with the traditional Mexican flavor.


Code: BR058

Bicolor clay tequila shot. Glazed clay decoration in the middle.


Code: BR059

Bicolor clay glass that keeps drinks cool.


Code: BR018-A

Lead-free clay pot with lid. Vertical pot that is generally used for traditional food with liquid such as beans, hot chocolate and soups.


Code: BR001-G

28cm plate to serve individual portions.


Code: BR060

Giant casserole for buffet or to prepare large quantities of food. Lead free, with handles.


Código: BN04

Mexican jarro clay cup with capacity of 200ml perfect for a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate. Lead free mud.


Código: BR005-B

Clay bowl perfect for a tableware or to serve snacks in the center of the table. Lead free mud.


Código: BR029-C

Traditional clay bowl perfect for serving large portions and to use in buffets. Lead Free.


Code: BR058

Salsa server with a clay handle perfect to put in the center of the table.


Code: BR002-F

Small mexican jarrito clay handle lead free.


Code: BR003-B

Small salsa bowl perfect to serve side dishes or coplements at the table.


Code: BR048

Small clay casserole perfect for soups or serving side dishes. The edge can be customized. Lead free clay.


Code: BR061

Thick clay tequila shot. Lead free.


Code: BR007

Thin tequila shot glass made of traditional clay lead free.