Ceramics and clay

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Code: BN15

Oaxaca black clay plate. Size 20 cm. Perfect for tableware.


Código: BN04

Oaxaca black clay plate- Size 28 to 29 cm.


Code: BR057

Clay casserole with decorative edges.Perfect to make stews and beans with the traditional Mexican flavor.


Code: BR058

Bicolor clay tequila shot. Glazed clay decoration in the middle.


Code: BR059

Bicolor clay glass that keeps drinks cool.


Code: BN14

Black clay bowl made in Oaxaca.


Code: BNJ010

Rectangular black clay box from Jalisco. It can be used to store cigars, as a jewelry box or decoration.


Code: BN04

Decorative pice made of black clay. it almost looks like an apple. Every hole is carved by hand, it can be a center piece in a table or a decorative piece in a shelf.


Code: BN02B

Black clay ornament in the shape of a drop. You can add a candle for a centerpiece or simply place it on a bookcase or table as a decoration. See special care.


Code: BN17

Black Clay Glass perfect to complement a crockery.


Code: BN11

Round gourd made of black clay that can appear a little gray. It is made by hand and perfect for a mezcal.


Código: BN12

Black clay tequila shot that appears a bit gray. Made by hand perfect for a mezcal or tequila.


Code: BN09

Mezcalero made of black clay that can appear a little gray. Made by hand perfect for a mezcal


Code: BN10

Black egg-shaped salt and pepper holder it has a plastic lid to fill.


Code: BR018-A

Lead-free clay pot with lid. Vertical pot that is generally used for traditional food with liquid such as beans, hot chocolate and soups.


Code: BC008

Canelo clay sphere decorated with natural dyes. Includes a hook to hang. Different designs can be made.


Code: BC003

Jar of clay baked at low temperature. Hand painted with natural dyes. It can filter a bit.


Code: BC006

Clay napkin holder painted with natural dyes. Sets can be made with the same decorations or each one can be different. The measurement is not always exact since the piece is made by hand.


Code: BN07

Set of black clay plate and cup to serve coffee with some dessert.


Code: BR001-G

28cm plate to serve individual portions.


Code: BN18

Hen-like clay container with spoon. A curious piece to serve dry food, snacks or sauces.


Code: BR060

Giant casserole for buffet or to prepare large quantities of food. Lead free, with handles.


Code: BC001A

Natural clay painted with natural dyes. It may filter and the color of the clay may be afected depending on the liquid but it is part of the nature of how it is done.


Code: BC004

Small jarrito for a tequila or a small espresso. Hand painted with natural dyes.


Code: BC005

Mexican Jarro Canelo Cup baked at low temperature. Hand painted with natural dyes. It can filter a bit.


Código: BN04

Mexican jarro clay cup with capacity of 200ml perfect for a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate. Lead free mud.


Código: BR005-B

Clay bowl perfect for a tableware or to serve snacks in the center of the table. Lead free mud.


Código: BR029-C

Traditional clay bowl perfect for serving large portions and to use in buffets. Lead Free.



Round black clay box made in Jalisco. It can be used as a jewelry box, for decoration or to store teas.


Code: BR058

Salsa server with a clay handle perfect to put in the center of the table.


Code: BR002-F

Small mexican jarrito clay handle lead free.


Code: BR003-B

Small salsa bowl perfect to serve side dishes or coplements at the table.


Code: BR048

Small clay casserole perfect for soups or serving side dishes. The edge can be customized. Lead free clay.


Code: BNJ006

Black box to put sugar packets on the table. It cannot be used with liquids.


Code: BR061

Thick clay tequila shot. Lead free.


Code: BR007

Thin tequila shot glass made of traditional clay lead free.


Code: BN13

Water bottles made of black clay that is recommended to be used for only one type of liquid: mezcal or tequila, since it usually absorbs a little of the aroma due to the way it burns during the making procedure. It is a good gift, also a great decorative accessory.