Natural fibers

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Code: PMX027

Set of 3 baskets of different sizes, perfect to organize a room or to use as trashcans.


Code: PX011

Big palm woven bag perfect for a day at the beach.


Código: BN04

Small round color basket made of woven palm.


Code: PX020

Medium round color basket made of woven palm.


Code: PMX008

Natural palm fan-shaped bag with handles. The bag opens from the bottom and is perfect for the beach or for daily use.


Code: HE002

Red coasters that can be customized. Solid color. It is strong and thick enough to prevent the transfer of liquid to the table


Code: JJ004

Jipi Japa Baskets, the color can be customized. It can be used to keep tortillas hot, as boxes to deliver gifts or jewelry boxes.


Code: TX002

Square napkin that can be folded to place on the table. There are different patterns and colors to choose from. See special care.


Code: PX007

Small basket of palm perfect for gifts or jewelry.


Code: PMX009

Small natural palm bag in which you can deliver the bill at a restaurant or ideal to give any detail or gift.


Code: PX004

Palm placemat stitched in circles with oval shape.


Code: PM001-A

Palm square box ideal to store kleenex


Code: CAD002

Elegant round placemat made of woven pine leaf.


Code: CR003

Round Crin placemat The pattern is customizable.


Código: PX005

Palm placemat stitched in circles with round shape


Code: CAD004

Petaca natural palm placemat with round shape.


Code: PMX010

Squared palm box that can be used as a jewelry box or to present amenities.


Code:PX001 y PX002

Palm woven tortillero perfect to take tortillas to the table. We highly recomend the use of a napking to wrap the tortillas inside.