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Code: V272

Curved container that looks like a mini candy box. Perfect to serve honey or jams at the table.


Código: PX005

Palm placemat stitched in circles with round shape


Code: CAD004

Petaca natural palm placemat with round shape.


Code: BR058

Salsa server with a clay handle perfect to put in the center of the table.


Code: BNJ005

Small rectangular box with black clay lid. It cannot be used with liquids. It can be used as a jewelry box or to present amenities.


Code: BR002-F

Small mexican jarrito clay handle lead free.


Code: M010

Small mortar with pestle perfect to grind condiments.


Code: BR003-B

Small salsa bowl perfect to serve side dishes or coplements at the table.


Code: WI015B

Natural gourd of bule seed decorated inside with Wixárika symbols in Wixárika bead art. The shape and decoration is always unique.


Code: V270

Glass / Cup with base perfect for red wine or smoothies.


Code: BR048

Small clay casserole perfect for soups or serving side dishes. The edge can be customized. Lead free clay.


Code: V211-B

Glass for approximately 10 Oz. decorated with spots of colors. You can customize the design and colors.


Code: V207-B

Glass gourd decorated with various colors, perfect for serving mezcal.



Splashed tequila shot glass decorated with pints of various colors. Beautiful to serve tequila on any table, the range of colors can be customized.


Code: PMX010

Squared palm box that can be used as a jewelry box or to present amenities.


Code: P014

Elegant stone coasters perfect to decorate the table or to use in a meeting


Code: P015

Pieza de Barro Negro Calada con forma de manzana volteada. Se le puede boner una vela para centro de mesa o simplemente colocar en un librero o mesa como decoración. Ver cuidados especiales.


Code: P027

Stone hot pan pot stand with handle useful to place under a hot surface, to place kitchen utensils that are in use, or as a decoration on the table when placing the dishes to serve and share.


Code: P025

Round stone napkin rings that give an elegant and innovative look to the table.


P008A Small
P008B Medium
P008C Large

Basalt stone centerpiece ideal for candles or drie flowers. There are 3 different sizes: small, medium and large. They can be combined to get beautiful centerpieces.


Code: P007

Stone tequila shot made with a small pore stone to avoid filtration as much as possible. See special care.


Code: BNJ006

Black box to put sugar packets on the table. It cannot be used with liquids.


Code: CT02

The tequila horn includes a wooden or metal base. Each piece is unique in shape and colors. The measurements are not exact. Perfect for serving tequila or mezcal.


Code: BR061

Thick clay tequila shot. Lead free.


Código: BN04

Thick wooden clamps recommended for salad. Its tip is wide and curved which allows it to hold large quantities of food. See special cares


Code: BR007

Thin tequila shot glass made of traditional clay lead free.


Code: M030

Thin clamps recommended to hold and serve cold cuts or slices of bread.


Code:PX001 y PX002

Palm woven tortillero perfect to take tortillas to the table. We highly recomend the use of a napking to wrap the tortillas inside.


Code: P003A

Mini basalt stone mortar with a traditional design ideal for serving small salts or condiments.


Code: BN13

Water bottles made of black clay that is recommended to be used for only one type of liquid: mezcal or tequila, since it usually absorbs a little of the aroma due to the way it burns during the making procedure. It is a good gift, also a great decorative accessory.


Code: WI005

Glass gourd covered on the sides with Wixárica bead art. The art contains traditional symbols of the Wixárika culture.


Code: WI016

Glass mezcalero covered on the sides with art in Wixárika beads. The art contains traditional symbols of the Wixárika culture.


Code: WI006

Wixárikas hand-woven beaded covers designed with different art symbols.


Code: WI001

Wixa tequila shot glass for approximately 1 oz of liquid.Totally covered with art in Wixárica beads. The art contains traditional symbols of the Wixárika culture.


Code: M012-B

Simple rectangular woodenboard, perfect to set at the table and use it to set a pan or perfect to serve cheese and cold cuts.


Code: M054

Ring holder made of an elegant wood called granadillo. For 3 or 4 rings.


Código: BN04

Curved kitchen spreader to place in a buffet or in the middle of the table for cheese, butter or any other food. See special care.


Code: M049

Perfect container to serve butter, jams, honey or salts to the center of the table. Includes small shovel.



Semi-deep spoon ideal for serving dishes such as rice pudding and stews among other things. See special care.


Código: M008

Wooden utensil perfect to serve in buffets.