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Code: Código: P028

Container of dry products for kitchen use. The materials are basalt stone and granadillo wood. See Special care.


Code: M009-B

Modern cilíndrical mortar with pestle perfect to grind condiments.



Slim stone coasters with a center circle that allows storage on the wooden base that comes with them. They are elegant and useful for meetings and table decoration.


Code: JGT05

Traditional mexican balero de copa toy, decorated with very traditional colors. For this game you will try to set the small ball inside the balero, the firts who does it wins.


Code: JGT01

Tranditional mexican balero toy made of pine tree. For this game you are supposed to insert the stick in the base, the one who does it first or in the less time wins.


Code: JGT04

When seeing a churumbela rotate, the colors fade. Learning to rotate it is an art. It is a good gift for anyone.


Code: JGT03

Mexican traditional spinning top toy is colorful and entertaining for anyone. Learning to use it is an art.


Code: JGT02

Yoyo decorated with several colors, when rolling they look like one solid color.The yoyo is a nice memory of Mexican childhood and a nice gift for entertainment.


Code: COL002

Olinala Simple box perfect for decorating the house or storing some accessories. Each set, although it may be similar, is unique.


Code: BNJ005

Small rectangular box with black clay lid. It cannot be used with liquids. It can be used as a jewelry box or to present amenities.


Code: M010

Small mortar with pestle perfect to grind condiments.


Código: BN04

Thick wooden clamps recommended for salad. Its tip is wide and curved which allows it to hold large quantities of food. See special cares


Code: M030

Thin clamps recommended to hold and serve cold cuts or slices of bread.


Code: M012-B

Simple rectangular woodenboard, perfect to set at the table and use it to set a pan or perfect to serve cheese and cold cuts.


Code: M054

Ring holder made of an elegant wood called granadillo. For 3 or 4 rings.


Código: BN04

Curved kitchen spreader to place in a buffet or in the middle of the table for cheese, butter or any other food. See special care.


Code: M049

Perfect container to serve butter, jams, honey or salts to the center of the table. Includes small shovel.



Semi-deep spoon ideal for serving dishes such as rice pudding and stews among other things. See special care.


Código: M008

Wooden utensil perfect to serve in buffets.


Code: M041

Bullet shaped wooden cup. Elegant and simple. See special care.


Code: M043

Elegant traditional pepper grinder to place on a buffet or in the center of the table.


Code: M055

Small cubes salt and pepper holder set, perfect to have on the table.


Code: M060

Modern wooden board with a little diagonal that plays with the angles. Perfecto to use as cheese board or for cold cuts


Code: M013

Wooden tequila shot for approximately 1.5oz of liquid. A set can be a perfect gift. See special care.