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Code: M009-B

Modern cilíndrical mortar with pestle perfect to grind condiments.



Slim stone coasters with a center circle that allows storage on the wooden base that comes with them. They are elegant and useful for meetings and table decoration.


Code: PM001-A

Palm square box ideal to store kleenex


Code: M010

Small mortar with pestle perfect to grind condiments.


Código: BN04

Thick wooden clamps recommended for salad. Its tip is wide and curved which allows it to hold large quantities of food. See special cares


Code: M030

Thin clamps recommended to hold and serve cold cuts or slices of bread.


Code: M012-B

Simple rectangular woodenboard, perfect to set at the table and use it to set a pan or perfect to serve cheese and cold cuts.


Code: M054

Ring holder made of an elegant wood called granadillo. For 3 or 4 rings.


Código: BN04

Curved kitchen spreader to place in a buffet or in the middle of the table for cheese, butter or any other food. See special care.


Code: M049

Perfect container to serve butter, jams, honey or salts to the center of the table. Includes small shovel.



Semi-deep spoon ideal for serving dishes such as rice pudding and stews among other things. See special care.


Código: M008

Wooden utensil perfect to serve in buffets.


Code: M041

Bullet shaped wooden cup. Elegant and simple. See special care.


Code: M043

Elegant traditional pepper grinder to place on a buffet or in the center of the table.


Code: M055

Small cubes salt and pepper holder set, perfect to have on the table.


Code: M060

Modern wooden board with a little diagonal that plays with the angles. Perfecto to use as cheese board or for cold cuts


Code: M013

Wooden tequila shot for approximately 1.5oz of liquid. A set can be a perfect gift. See special care.