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Code: BN15

Oaxaca black clay plate. Size 20 cm. Perfect for tableware.


Código: BN04

Oaxaca black clay plate- Size 28 to 29 cm.


Code: BN14

Black clay bowl made in Oaxaca.


Code: BN04

Decorative pice made of black clay. it almost looks like an apple. Every hole is carved by hand, it can be a center piece in a table or a decorative piece in a shelf.


Code: BN02B

Black clay ornament in the shape of a drop. You can add a candle for a centerpiece or simply place it on a bookcase or table as a decoration. See special care.


Code: BN17

Black Clay Glass perfect to complement a crockery.


Code: BN11

Round gourd made of black clay that can appear a little gray. It is made by hand and perfect for a mezcal.


Código: BN12

Black clay tequila shot that appears a bit gray. Made by hand perfect for a mezcal or tequila.


Code: BN09

Mezcalero made of black clay that can appear a little gray. Made by hand perfect for a mezcal


Code: BN10

Black egg-shaped salt and pepper holder it has a plastic lid to fill.


Code: JL002

Bule seed gourds carved with traditional designs. They are traditionally used to taste and drink mezcal.


Code: BN07

Set of black clay plate and cup to serve coffee with some dessert.


Code: PMX008

Natural palm fan-shaped bag with handles. The bag opens from the bottom and is perfect for the beach or for daily use.


Code: BN18

Hen-like clay container with spoon. A curious piece to serve dry food, snacks or sauces.


Code: PMX009

Small natural palm bag in which you can deliver the bill at a restaurant or ideal to give any detail or gift.


Code: PMX010

Squared palm box that can be used as a jewelry box or to present amenities.


Code: BN13

Water bottles made of black clay that is recommended to be used for only one type of liquid: mezcal or tequila, since it usually absorbs a little of the aroma due to the way it burns during the making procedure. It is a good gift, also a great decorative accessory.