Blown glass pieces are meant to last a lifetime with special cares. Nevertheless, if a piece gets damaged of broken, we recommend some responsible ways for recycling and reusing:

  • Sticking the broken pieces back together with glue and giving it a new decorative use instead of the previous kitchen use, for example: flower vase, pencil holder, kitchen utensils holder.
  • Blown glass broken pieces can be taken to glass recycling centers. For more information about recycling centers in Mexico you can contact

Blown Glass

Tonalá, Jalisco

It is magical to see a BLOWN GLASS workshop in action. Everyday the artisan enters a kind of working “spider web” where everyone is moving by the flow of the pieces and their processes.

Each piece has at least the work of three artisans. The ovens where the glass is melted and then blown with a huge metal pipe are extremely high temperature. The artisans climb a step with the molten glass and the straw inserted in a kind of mold that remains below, when the piece is blown, it creates the desired shape of the mold. The artisan teacher then finishes, shapes and polishes with a metal pincer. When the piece is ready, it is taken to the oven “annealer” for at least eight hours to slowly reach a stable temperature and does not break. 

This technique, we dare say, is one of the most commonly used in México. Some of the pieces, like shot glasses, cups, vases, platters, and lamps can be seen in Mexican homes, restaurants and hotels. 

Things to consider

  • A mold will be needed to make custom pieces, which has an extra cost.
  • We work with the following colors: lime green, dark green, amethyst, cobalt blue, aquamarine blue, amber, and transparent. Other colors are obtained with an extra paint that is not recommended for food grade pieces.
  • Each piece is unique. Even when we choose certain tones or shapes for decorations, each design is unique because of the mix that comes from the glass bucket.
  • Exact measurements and capacities can be achieved with a steel mold. This would be listed separately. 
  • The glass that we use is recycled, therefore 100% transparency is not possible.
  • Blown glass naturally has bubbles inside.

Special cares

  • The cares are the same as any other glass.
  • Can be used in dish washer