Huichol Art


Huichol Art

North of Jalisco

The materialization of a millionaire worldview. The beads “chaquira” gluing technique symbolises the eye of God, peyote, corn, scorpions, and deer among others, that are revered as protectors or offerings by the Wixarika culture. The work that we see now is the result of the adaptation of ancestral offerings. Traditionally, they used stones around an anthill to create a spectrum of different colors from the soil to decorate the symbols on gourd “jícaras” for offerings. With the arrival of beads from Czech Republic to México, the Wixarikas changed their material and now make this technique with the same significance, but with more color. To acquire a Wixarika piece, one must be conscious and respectful for what it means. The energy and symbolism printed by the artisan is a protection amulet for those who carry it. Knowing these stories helps to appreciate what the Wixarika’s hands made even more. 

Things to consider

  • The traditional gluing method is natural wax. If the piece is exposed to the sun, the wax can start to melt and the beads become fragile. If you would like, other glue can be used. 
  • We recommend respecting the traditional symbols, which is what gives the piece an important cultural value.
  • The work base can be: glass, wood or metal.
  • The bead colors need to be chosen from our catalogue. 

Special cares

  • We recommend not exposing the piece to the sun. 
  • Clean delicately with a damp cloth