Oaxaca Black Clay

San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca

THE OAXACA BLACK CLAY is famous for the delicacy of its particular colors and finishes. This technique uses a low temperature clay made by the Fabian´s family in San Bartolo, Coyotepec, Oaxaca. They are experts in giving particular finishes to each piece and they have the delicacy to make the characteristic holes that form elegant patterns. The pieces are made with a unique clay mixture from the family, the majority of their pieces are large format, although, lately they also make tableware. While the clay is still fresh, very carefully and with handmade tools they begin to make the cuts. It is delicate work, too much pressure and the original shape of the piece can be altered. It then needs to dry for one day before going into the underground wood oven with leaves that smoke and give it its black color. 

Pieces: decorative pieces, lamps, tableware, mosaics and murals. 

Things to consider

  • It is a low temperature clay and doesn’t have a glass cover, so the tableware can absorb odors or leak a little bit.
  • Cannot be used in a microwave.
  • Should not be used for pots because the clay can crack.

Special cares

  • Always dry after use.
  • Do not dish wash.
  • When cleaning the decorative pieces, we recommend using a duster very carefully because the pieces are very delicate.