Tonalá, Jalisco

The RED MEXICAN GLAZED CLAY is famous for the traditional Mexican tableware and kitchenware used to make beans, serve pozole and the little glasses that we use to drink Tequila. Using clay in the kitchen gives a very particular flavor to the dishes from Mexican gastronomy. The Valdivia family has been working with clay for five generations. 

It has become common for Mexicans to see and use this technique, although it has a laborious and unique process. The process starts by blending the different clays that the artisan selects, it is then cleaned and mixed with their feet to make a particular paste. A clay “tortilla” is made from the paste, then all of the pieces are shaped by lathe or with the “mushroom” cast, depending on the desired shape. They polish and clean the corners by hand, then leave the piece to dry out in the sun. The dried piece is then passed through a bath in a red clay slip, which gives it the red color that you can see in the pieces and goes into the wood-fired oven at low temperatures, normally this process goes by night so in the morning it is ready. After three and a half hours that the oven has cooled down, the pieces are taken out of the oven and then it is usually decorated with a traditional white color and given a bath in lead free glaze. Finally, the piece is placed for around four and a half hours in the medium temperature gas oven to seal the finish that is strong and resistant.

The most common pieces are Mexican tableware, flowerpots, Tequila shots, jars and cups.

Things to consider

  • We recommend that the pieces are only decorated with white or without decoration.
  • Many different shapes and sizes can be done. Special pieces can be made, but first we must develop the cast.
  • We can customize with logos or special labels. We recommend that only the color white is used.

Special cares

  • The finished piece is low temperature. You can’t use it in the microwave.
  • We recommend curing pots (saucepans) to prolong its durability.
  • After washing, we recommend leaving your tableware to dry before storing.
  • It can be used directly on fire.