Chilapa, Guerrero

In Guerrero you could breathe and live the palm everywhere around. Virgilio’s family lives in Chilapa, capital of palm weaving. The pattern and way in which the palm is woven in Guerrero is quite particular, it is a “flat” palm. The palm is harvested like anywhere else, cut and cleaned. If you want to add a color, the palm is dyed in vats and dried. A sewing machine is used to make circular patterns on a type of tortilla. Afterwards, curiously, wooden molds are made in which the tortilla is placed and “ironed” hot to give it its shape. This way each basket comes to life.


Some of the characteristic pieces of this technique are baskets, placemats, cup holders, hats, bags and mats among other things.


  • The patterns must be circular.
  • It does not have a metal base so it is recommended not to put very heavy things on it to carry them.
  • If the palm is dyed, there may be variations in color.
  • The color of the palm changes if it is exposed to the sun.


  • The palm can pick up moisture if it gets wet, do not place it outdoors.