Canelo Clay


Canelo clay

Tonalá, Jalisco

CANELO CLAY is one of the five types of traditional clay from Tonalá. Their terracotta colors make it a particular clay when it is finished. This technique has a similar cooking process as the rest of the techniques, the difference being the color and the finish; it is differentiated because the colours used are 100% natural and are made by the same artesian. The paint and finish can not be seen until it is set in the oven and brown tones appear, it looks like magic when it comes out from the oven. The traditional technique was used for making water bottles, to keep water fresh and at temperature. 

There are few families that are still doing this technique and one of those families is Pajarito´s family, the head of the family Nicasio Pajarito RIP, who taught their sons and their pieces still representing México in several museums in the country and abroad. 

Pieces: in a big format to decorate, tableware for liquids.

Things to consider

  • It is a low temperature clay and does not have a glass cover so the tableware can absorb odors and filter a little bit. 
  • Can not be used in microwave nos dish washer.
  • Can not be used for flowerpots because it can break.

Special cares

  • Leave it dry well after use. 
  • To clean the decorative pieces, we recommend you to use a duster and doing it in a very delicate way since the pieces are very fragile.