Santo Tomás Jalieza, Oaxaca.

The backstrap loom is originally made by women to create the traditional dresses and belts for men’s traditional clothing. The technique involves constant mathematical calculation for pattern creation.

The artisans imagine the stories and designs that will be captured on the fabric and transform it into the number of threads and grid of the fabric. They arrange the threads by dividing and winding them and place them on the loom. They prepare the needle that will cross horizontally, they tighten the fabric creating distance between the tree or post to which it is tied and their body and they sit down to make the work of art.

Table runners, individuals, cushions and textiles that can be used as applications for different pieces.


  • The maximum width is 50cm, if it is required to be longer, two canvases must be joined together.
  • The designs that can be made must go with the original pattern of the technique, horizontal or vertical.


  • It is recommended to wash by hand and do not put in the dryer.