San Andrés Cohamita, Jalisco.

There is a technique that is less known but just as interesting as the work in Chaquira that members of the Wixárika culture use to capture symbols and tell stories. This technique is also used for celebrations and offerings. Symbols such as peyote, the deer, the eye of God, make up the works of art and more than an incredible piece to look at, it is a wish or amulet for protection.

It requires a lot of creativity and experience, it is a delicate job. The design and intention are thought about, little by little the outline of the symbols is made and they begin to be delicately filled on a layer of wax. With a needle the design is guided and sealed where it will be placed.

The final texture is smooth and the design is simply amazing.


  • The pieces cannot be used for food, nor can they get wet.
  • The design will not be exactly the same, there may be minimal variations.
  • Colors must be chosen from the available catalogue.


  • Just wipe off with a dry cloth.
  • Try not to touch the piece too much as it may start to change the color.


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