Mezcal bottle lids


San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco.
In the Sierra Wixárika, a team of around 24 artisans decorate with their hands caps that are used for mezcal bottles. This collaboration allows us to work on nearly 2 thousand caps per month, which generates a constant income for people who are dedicated to the technique. This particular project generates income in a community that is difficult to access, which reduces emigration and promotes the economic development of the town. Likewise, it allows artisans to continue being part of the cultural life of their community by participating in assemblies and events. 60% of the people participating in the project are women.


24 people


Since 2017


  • Supervision of respect for cultural value and fair trade management.
  • Management and supply of raw materials.
  • Inventory management.
  • Implementation of inventory control tools.
  • Financing.
  • Implementation of training and teamwork.
  • Delivery logistics.
  • Implementation of new methods and materials to improve quality.