Paracho, Michoacán.

Granadillo wood is dark and elegant, it usually has yellow veins that appear out of nowhere and contrast with the surface. It is a very solid wood, so it requires a lot of knowledge, strength and precision to work with it. Gerardo and his team live in Paracho, Michoacán, a place famous for woodworking for guitars and Mexican kitchen tools.

For years Mr. Gerardo has been dedicated to making pieces focused mainly on Mexican gastronomy. Horses, cheese boards, tongs, ladles and some other pieces for serving food stand out among the designs on offer.


  • The wood grains and color cannot be controlled so the design of the wood that remains in the piece is unique.
  • We suggest that the piece not be very large or very thick since if it is required to be made from a single piece of wood, this complicates the craftsman’s work and therefore increases the price.


  • We recommend washing with soap and water and then wiping with a cloth moistened with cooking oil and letting the piece absorb it and wiping it with a napkin the next day so that the piece maintains its shine.
  • Wood is a natural material that absorbs, we recommend using utensils for the same type of food, for example: Spoons for spicy sauces, horses for tequila, wooden board for chopping onion, etc…