Región Mixteca, Oaxaca.

The Mixteca Region mainly covers the northwest part of the state of Oaxaca and part of the states of Guerrero and Puebla. This culture is pre-Hispanic and one of the oldest and most extensive in Mesoamerica. Due to their traditions and lifestyle, women carried out household chores and managed to develop skills to handle materials from the region. The Mixtec weaving has a particular pattern that makes it different from the patterns in Michoacan basketry. The way of cutting the palm so thin and straight and then weaving it and creating thin and delicate patterns is a true work of art. This technique has been used by Mrs. Reina and her family.


Some of the characteristic pieces of this technique are baskets, placemats, cup holders, hats, and mats, among other things.


  • The traditional beginning can only be square or circular, the rest is experimentation.
  • The palm has natural colors between greenish and yellow.
  • It can’t get wet.
  • It does not have a metal structure so it is not rigid, the material is flexible.
  • It can be dyed in different colors but there may be variation in shades by each batch and how each sheet absorbs the tone.


  • The palm can pick up moisture if it gets wet, do not place it outdoors.
  • Clean with a slightly damp or dry cloth to remove dirt or dust.
  • The palm is dry so it cannot be put on fire.