Santiago Mexquititlán, Querétaro.

Mr. José Luis and his family are originally from Santiago Mexquititlán, Amealco, Querétaro and they make wonderful fabrics with their hands. They are dedicated to weaving different types of fibers and techniques, they can use synthetic and natural materials. They work making different knitting patterns with fibers, the variety is immense and the pieces they achieve are wonderful. Mr. José Luis also works as a blacksmith, which allows him to make pieces such as furniture, chairs, baskets, lamps and bags to name a few.

Acapulco chairs, bells and lampshades made of tule or palm, and wicker animal bags are some of the pieces that we commonly see in different restaurants and stores.


  • Synthetic and natural raw materials may have color variation, depending on the batch of synthetic materials and the harvest time for the natural raw material.
  • We can paint the metal a special color to give it a better touch.
  • If it is going to be used outdoors, made from natural raw materials, it is suggested to cover it with a lacquer. The natural raw material is not recommended for outdoors.


  • Clean with a slightly damp cloth.
  • If the piece gets wet or damp, it must be left to dry in the sun.


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