Ajijic, Jalisco

The wooden loom is a tool that has been part of the creation of human clothing for a long time. The tool allows you to work with materials such as wool, cotton, acrylic and other materials. In Ajijic, incredible acrylic and cotton pieces are made. Assembling the loom takes time and dedication, first the roll is assembled with the desired pattern as a base and then thread by thread it is arranged on the loom so that each time the needle is passed the textile is formed.

Patterns can be customized, although the family already has a large catalog of created patterns to choose from.

Cushions, bed covers, singles, table runners, tablecloths and ponchos are some of the pieces made by the family.


  • The colors available are the catalog colors.
  • The patterns to create must be linear patterns.
  • There is a minimum meter size on custom patterns.


  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Preferably hand wash so it lasts longer.


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