El Arenal, Jalisco

The ocoxal fabric or pine fabric is a very sustainable fabric that is made by Mrs. Marina on the edge of the La Primavera Forest, “the lung of Guadalajara”. Collecting ocoxal leaves helps prevent fires in addition to being a totally natural material.

Mrs. Marina, always smiling and friendly, welcomes you into her home and shows you her personal garden. In their hands we see traces of the work of ocoxal, which, being a resistant and complicated material to weave, can sometimes do its thing when weaving.

Different fabric textures are made to give unique designs. The color of the thread is customizable although the traditional color is gold. The pieces, apart from being very elegant, have an incredible smell that gives the feeling of being in the forest.

You can make baskets of different sizes, individual ones, pots and bags.


  • We recommend that the pine color be natural.
  • It is recommended that the use of the pieces does not involve much movement since at some point it may splinter your hand a little.


  • The material, like any natural fiber, can retain moisture, so it is not recommended to use outdoors or very humid places unless it is constantly drying and cleaning.
  • Clean with a cloth and shake.
  • If it gets wet, let it dry completely.


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