Chapala Palma

San Cristóbal Zapotitlán, Jalisco

The cooperative with which we collaborate is a group of 26 hard-working and committed women. Their hands make a special knot that gives shape to the variety of baskets they create. They learned to weave several generations ago in that town, it is a curious story. It is said that a prisoner learned the technique and came to teach it. The ladies have become masters in the palm. They are very beautiful baskets, to which they add some details that make them different from the techniques we normally see. The most beautiful thing about this group is what you learn in their conversations, going to visit them is like feeling at home.

The baskets are very rigid so with this technique you can make large pieces such as laundry baskets and vases and, among other things, individual things and small baskets. Virtually any shape can be done.


  • The palm can be dyed although it is difficult for the color to remain uniform.
  • The baskets cannot get wet because the entire shape is lost.
  • Being a natural material, if it is exposed to the sun a lot the tone of the palm can change.


  • Clean with a slightly damp cloth or wipe with a dry cloth.
  • If it is in a very humid place, it is recommended to cover it with a lacquer to protect it.


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