Cajititlán, Jalisco

Horse hair is one of the crafts with the greatest degree of difficulty and time to prepare and also with one of the most surprising results when it is finished. Cristian and his family have been dedicating themselves to the technique for more than 30 years. The horse hair is collected and goes through a disinfection and cleaning process so it can be used without any problem.

Originally used for belts, riding laces, giving special touches to rider and rancher clothing, we have worked with Cristian to develop products that are useful and elegant.

No horse is harmed or injured when obtaining hair.


  • It can be dyed in different colors, however we suggest that natural colors be used.
  • When making baskets, the hair does not have much structure so it is recommended to make flat pieces.


  • Clean with a slightly damp cloth.
  • If there is a loose hair, you don’t have to pull it, you have to cut it.


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