Sierra Norte de Jalisco

Wixárika art is the materialization of an ancient worldview. The bead gluing technique captures symbols such as the Eye of God, Peyote, Corn, Scorpion, Deer, among others, which are important and synonymous with protection and offering for the Wixárika culture.

The work we see today is the result of an adaptation to the offerings that were made ancestrally. Previously, stones from around an anthill were used to create the symbols that would decorate the gourds for offerings with the different color ranges of the earth. With the arrival of the bead from the Czech Republic to Mexico, the Wixárikas changed their material and now make pieces with the same meaning but more colorful.

When purchasing a Wixárika piece you must be aware of and respect what it means. The energy and what the artisan printed from its symbology is an amulet of protection for those who carry it. Knowing these stories leads us to value more and more what the Wixárika hands do.


  • Traditional gluing with natural wax so if the piece is exposed to the sun, the wax begins to melt and the bead remains fragile. You can work with other glue if requested.
  • It is recommended to respect traditional symbols, which is what gives important cultural value to the piece.
  • The color of the beads must be chosen according to the catalog we have.


  • It is recommended not to expose to the sun.
  • Clean with a damp cloth, very delicately over the piece.


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