Tonalá, Jalisco

Made only by one family, that of Pablo and Eusebio Mateos. They come from an artisan family, their father was dedicated to burnished clay and they innovated to give it a dark touch, similar to the clay of Oaxaca. It is an almost extinct technique, and they continue to use the traditional technique of hitting the mold to shape the pieces. This technique is for decorative use since it cannot be wet because the mud will dissolve. It has been baked twice and is decorated by hand with small knives and placed in the oven with eucalyptus leaves.

With the smoke it is painted black uniformly. Each decoration is different and reflects the inspiration of Pablo or Eusebio.


Decorative and for storage.


  • It is only made in black.
  • The decoration and details must be able to be carved in the clay, by hand.


  • They are not utilitarian pieces, they cannot be used for food or liquids.