Wood pieces are meant to last a lifetime with special cares. Nevertheless, if a piece gets damaged of broken, we recommend some responsible ways for recycling and reusing:

  • Sticking the broken pieces back together with glue and giving it a new decorative or utilitarian use instead of the previous kitchen use, for example: mixing paint spatula, pencil holder, kitchen utensils holder.
  • Wood broken pieces can be thrown away along with organic waste and/or be used for composting. 

Granadillo Wood

Paracho, Michoacán.

The GRANADILLO WOOD is dark and elegant, and has yellow veins that appear from nowhere and contrast with the surface. It is a solid wood, so it requires a lot of knowledge, power and precision to work with it. Gerardo and his team live in Paracho, Michoacán, a famous place because of the wood work on guitars and Mexican kitchen tools.

For a few years Mr. Gerardo has dedicated time to make pieces mainly focused in Mexican gastronomy. Shot glasses, cheese boards, tongs, ladles and some other pieces to serve food, are highlights that this design offers.

Things to consider

  • The veins and the color of the wood can not be controlled so the wood design in the pieces are unique. 
  • We suggest that the piece is not to be too big or too thick since it is required to be made from a single piece of wood, this complicates the artesian work and therefore increases the price.

Special cares

  • We recommended washing with water and soap and after use. Once it is dry, wipe with a damp cloth with cooking oil and leave the piece to absorb it, the next day wipe with a towel so the piece will keep the shine.   
  • The wood is a natural material that absorbs, it is recommended to use the utensils for the same kind of food, for example: spoons for hot sauces, shot glasses for tequila, wooden board to chop onions, etc.